One of the most important decisions that you will make for your baby is deciding which baby bed mattress to purchase. Things to consider will include mattress quality, type of construction, durability and most importantly the safety of your baby. Taking all these considerations in mind makes it an important task to choose the proper mattress for your situation and nursery.

We have produced this website to help you make the important decisions that you need to make to purchase the best mattress to fulfill your needs.

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Visual Appearance
Deciding on a baby bed mattress using the way it looks on the outside may eventually be a poor decision that you may regret later on. Even poor quality products can be made to look good on the outside cover. Low-quality mattresses will normally have edges that can tear easily and a thin vinyl covering that can dry out or crack and tear. Considering the type of material used in the covering and the thickness of the material is something you will want to look at. A good quality vinyl covering should be made from double or triple laminates. Another quality covering to consider would be made from a fine organic cotton.

Internal construction type should be considered throughout your decision process. There are primarily two types of construction that will include innerspring or foam core. Either type of construction can be considered a quality product. Foam density and weight can be used to determine the quality of a foam core mattress. Innerspring quality can be gauged by how many coils there are along with the gauge or thickness of the steel that is used. Innerspring mattresses will normally be more costly but are popular because most adults in the USA sleep on an innerspring mattress.  This is not to say that the foam core mattress is inferior to the innerspring mattress as both can be good quality choice.

New vs Used
We recommend purchasing a new mattress other using an older mattress or a hand-me-down due to the possibility of mold or embedded bacteria. You don’t want to take any chances with a used mattress that could possibly harm your baby. If for some reason you have to use an older mattress we suggest you purchase a good quality mattress pad or cover. This will give some measure of safety from possible issues from the older mattress.

Prices and Warranties
As with most products you will normally get what you pay for. The higher-quality products will normally lasts longer and have better construction and materials. The cost factor will normally range from about $100-$400 for a quality baby bed mattress. When choosing a higher priced product make sure that you are paying for a quality product and not a longer warranty. Paying extra for a longer warranty is a marketing tactic that in most cases will gain you nothing.

You will also need to look at the weight of the mattress. Lower quality mattresses will to weigh less than the higher quality mattresses because of lighter weight materials and even inferior materials that is used in the construction of the product. Keeping in mind you could get a mattress that is too heavy making it hard to handle when trying to make up the bed.

Choosing a quality baby bed mattress will ensure many years of durability and the most important safety factor that is a must when making your decisions.  After digesting the information found on this website you should be able to make a smart decision on a mattress purchase that will give you years of good service and safety for your baby.